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We provides single solution to manage entire organization from Pre-Admission to complete Data Management.
  • Enterprise software products company
  • Competitive strengths
    •Innovative solution for education sector
Benefits For Student
  • Robust and comprehensive Learning Management System
  • Quick and real-time Announcements
  • Wide range of subjects/topics to choose from E-Library
  • Set subjective and/or objective Online Exams
  • Quick sharing of Files
  • Manage student performance periodically

Introduction of technology in education has rapidly transformed the way we learn and teach. In this fast pace competitive world, it is now becoming increasingly relevant to introduce the learners with latest technology based education.

Bio Metric Attendance

Biometric attendance for both students and professors to ensure punctuality, discipline and efficiency.Unicampus supports both RFID attendance systems which can be accessed using smartcards as well as fingerprint based biometric systems

Benefits for Management

SmartSchool ICT contains a robust assessment software strictly aligned to the curriculum based content and is tailor made for Indian schools. Question Bank of over 1 lac questions, Full Length Test Series for competitive examinations, Extensive Study Material, GK/IQ based tests for NTSE/Olympiads, Complete test analysis and feedback report, Works both offline and online.

Benefits For Student

Robust and comprehensive Learning Management System.Quick and real-time Announcements.Wide range of subjects/topics to choose from E-Library.Set subjective and/or objective Online Exams.Quick sharing of Files.Manage student performance periodically

Benefits for Professor

Total Single Window Student Information system for easy access of student information.Easy tracking of student Attendance and performance.Set Timetable in advance and micro planning.Schedule Teaching plan weeks in advance.Easy updation of Examination marks.SMS, E-Mail to Parents.Ready access to students’ performance during the course

Artifical Intelligence

Our AI solution adds intelligence to the CCTV cameras installed and help customer’s automate People Management. Facial recognition based automatic attendance system. Facial recognition based alert system if the employee is wearing the Helmet or not.

SIS (Store in store)

Store in Store (SIS) can be setup in multi-brands stores or shopping malls with good footfalls. The model is convenient for business seekers, who have limited investment capacity. The model by the virtue of low investment attracts quick ROI and a sustainable source of income.

High Definition 3D Content
Huge Repository of Interactive Content
Huge Repository of Interactive Content

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