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The company has been actively providing innovative K-12 educational solutions to various educational institution across the globe. The company has core competence in delivering technology based K-12 education solutions to the clients world over.
With current footprints in US, UK, NETHERLANDS, AFRICA, MIDDLE-EAST, PAKISTAN, NEPAL, SINGAPORE, NIGERIA, BANGLADESH and India, the company is now rapidly expanding its footprint across other parts of the world.
Having catered to more than 1,000,000+ STUDENTS AND OVER 5000+ SCHOOLS WORLD- WIDE, the company is poised to become one of the largest K-12 technology solution provider world over.

Smart Class
What is Multi-Sensory Learning ?

Multi-Sensory learning is the concept of imparting learning, involving the use of multiple senses of the students, by using education content in audio, video, interactive and texts forms.
With high definition animated content and superior voice over quality, SMARTSCHOOL™ ICT creates an environment of multi-sensory learning in a classroom. The multi-sensory learning promotes better retention and better understanding in the minds of the students, thereby making the entire pedagogue process more exciting and valuable. Loaded with interactive, animated and textual content, SMARTSCHOOL™ ICT is a much needed product for any progressive school.

The Smarter Way to Study !
  • Course content in 3D animation for better learning.
  • 1000's of quizzes and tests.
  • More than 20,000 educational modules.
  • Available 24X7 for doubt clearance.
  • Free educational software for advance learners.
  • Question Bank of over 1 lac questions
  • Full Length Test Series for competitions.
  • Mapped to CBSE, ICSE & 13 state boards

World Class Education Content
As a part of multi-sensory approach, our content is composed of high definition 3D modules, which have been tailor made to suit the student’s requirement. 3D content with its depth perception promotes better understanding in the students.

The major topics of all the subjects have been developed through this technology. The content has been prepared by educationist from the top institutions of the country. The content has been reviewed by the esteemed panel of experts from NCERT and SCERT. Our content is currently mapped to CBSE, ICSE and various state boards of the country.

Huge Repository of Interactive Content
As a part of multi-sensory approach, our content is composed of high definition 3D modules, which have been tailor made to suit the student’s requirement. 3D content with its depth perception promotes better understanding in the students.

SmartSchool ICT contains huge repository of interactive content that makes the process of teaching and learning more interesting. The content has been carefully designed to reap the best possible benefits of the latest technolgy, and works best with interactive boards.

  • MCQ Quizzes
  • Key points
  • Geography Maps
  • History time-line
  • Science, EVS and Maths games
  • Kindergarten games

Introduction of technology in education has rapidly transformed the way we learn and teach. In this fast pace competitive world, it is now becoming increasingly relevant to introduce the learners with latest technology based education.

Host of e-Learning Applications

The content include host of LATEST e-Learning applications that facilitates a superior teaching process in the classroom.Dictionary application, Translator application, Wikipedia application, Electronic Map Work, Problem solver application.

Robust Assessment Software

SmartSchool ICT contains a robust assessment software strictly aligned to the curriculum based content and is tailor made for Indian schools. Question Bank of over 1 lac questions, Full Length Test Series for competitive examinations, Extensive Study Material, GK/IQ based tests for NTSE/Olympiads, Complete test analysis and feedback report, Works both offline and online.

Interactive Whiteboard (Finger Touch)

SmartSchool Interactive Whiteboard setup adopts the world's leading Infrared Positioning Technology along with green board. One can use one's own finger or any other item such as dummy pens or any other object to write on the Interactive Whiteboard surface, whereas the regular green board can be used to write with chalks of any colour.

Total Teaching Solutions

Total Teaching Solution is a single wall mounted unit that has an inbuilt computer coupled with Laptop style keyboard and mouse pad, safely lockable to ensure secure operations. There is a single controller capable of controlling attached projector, speakers, and inbuilt speakers of high fidelity. This unit can be mounted on wall next to the Interactive White Board itself.

Complete Solution

SmartSchool ICT hardware is a combination of interactive whiteboard and Total Teaching Solution of integrated wall mounted computer, visualizer, speakers and projector makes teaching more effective, sharp and interactive. The board has inbuilt software which accommodates several applications and can also perform features like edit documents, add comments and save.

SIS (Store in store)

Store in Store (SIS) can be setup in multi-brands stores or shopping malls with good footfalls. The model is convenient for business seekers, who have limited investment capacity. The model by the virtue of low investment attracts quick ROI and a sustainable source of income.

High Definition 3D Content
Huge Repository of Interactive Content
Huge Repository of Interactive Content

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