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The retail value for large format graphics has reached worldwide and increases each year by more than 12%. Large format graphics are an excellent way for companies to promote new products, represent their business, showcase products and services

For those who still produce and enjoy reading a tangible item that you can .
Whether a billboard, trade show booth or marquee your promotion needs to stand out from the crowd.

Today we are bombarded everywhere we look with visual eye candy, however even while technology continues to advance large format print remains a very effective form of advertising and communication.

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Catpops Technobiz has a world class team who are all experts in their fields. We have individual teams each dedicated to their unique discipline. Our designers, developers, online marketing teams all possess specialist knowledge which means they can provide the very best quality, most up to date work.

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Catpops Technobiz's newest developments include the innovative websites numerous apps and games available for download in the App Store and Playstores. Our versatile specialists have vast experience and a thirst for knowledge which ensures our customers are never left behind.